MICRONEEDLING with serum and mask £40

The surgical needles create thousands of micro channels in the skin. Causing a controlled damage that triggers the body’s own healing process to start increasing production of elastin and collagen.
When the skin produces more of these, the result is a firmer, plumper, stronger and younger looking skin. It increases absorption by 70-100%
The micro channels create a pathway for the serum to travel through. Making it possible to get the active ingredients deeper into the skin and work more effectively.

Reddening of the skin normally goes down within 48 hours therefore treatment has minimal down time.



Will improve the quality and texture of your skin immediately and continue to work weeks after.
The pin prick needles actually stimulate remodelling of existing collagen and promote formation of new collagen and revascurlarization (blood vessels) in the skin.

Reduces Mark’s and scarring

When you have any sort of scarring on your face (or anywhere on your body) your body naturally undergoes a process known as fibrosis.
This is good when healing,because it makes everything stick together, but beneath the skin the glue is so strong that it can literally pull the skin down and create scarring on the surface of the skin.
The micro needling procedure helps to break up all the glue and fibrosis underneath the skin which allows the skin to let go and release the surface of the skin. Naturally this results in a smoother surface to your skin.


The micro needling procedure helps to break up all the glue and fibrosis underneath the skin which allows the skin to let go and release the surface of the skin. Naturally this results in a smoother surface to your skin.

Reduces black heads

The controlled trauma and thousands of needle pokes liberates and knocks out black heads during the entire procedure.
Immediately after you will notice a reduction in the total black heads.

Treats acne and helps prevent Acne

Not only does it treat acne scars but it can help and treat and stop acne. It helps by reducing the sebum production and makes the skin less oily.
The treatment can still be done if you are suffering a breakout.


Any treatment that disrupts the epidermis will result in some exfoliation.
This makes your skin look fresh and smooth instantly.


Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

It has been shown that the small pin holes created by the thousands of needles break into the upper levels of the dermis, and cause the release of growth factors to repair and heal from the micro damage that has been caused.
Skin will overreact to the small trauma thinking that there is a major trauma and this healing process results in the release of growth factors that increase collagen and elastin levels. 
In addition to the stimulation of collagen the micrograms also results in formulation of tons of tiny little blood vessels which supply blood oxygen and nutrients straight into the dermis.

The combination of these changes result in a reduction in wrinkles, healing and photo damage and tightening of existing skin- all of which makes younger looking skin.

Reduces hyperpigmentation and evens skin tone.


Inflammation day 1-3 The initial injury to the skin causes platelets to respond to the injury along with growth factors,other healing cells and new capillaries. Cleaning cells come to the area to remove debris.

Proliferation day 4-6 The new vibrant cells of the epidermis and fibroblasts of the dermis continue to multiply and heal.

Maturation Day 7-28 fibroblasts form collagen and elastin in the dermis giving more tightness and tone to the skin while the cells of the epidermis flourish giving a smoother surface.

From day 28
New healthy skin surface is present while the collagen and elastin of the dermis continue to tighten further improving firmness of the skin.

You can have microneedling every 28 days
2-6 treatments to see optimum benefits of the treatment especially for scarring. However 1 treatment is enough to see some benefits.

Contra indication
Inflammation face or eyes 
Cancer undergoing treatment 
Roaccutane 12 months after
Recent laser treatment on face.


Avoid sun for 48hrs, use a good sun screen minimum of spf 30 for 2 weeks
Wash your face in water only for 48 hours after
Do not take aspirin or anti inflammatory medications for 24hrs
Skin will feel dry and tight this is normal some areas may be red this is normal. 
Do not use a sunbed sauna or steam bath for 48hrs
Avoid electrolysis waxing and bleaching for 5 days
Do not swim in chlorinated water for 3-5 days
No excessive exercise immediately after 24 hrs is recommended 
Make up not recommended for 48 hours as skin must heal

Swelling and redness is normal and will subside within 48 hours

Treatment must be carried out 1 week before a holiday.