Dermaplaning only £25

The Benefits

Exfoliates and removes up to 3 weeks of dead skin cells

Gives a smooth fresh complexion
Make up goes on flawless
40% more absorption of product into your skin! Meaning ultimate absorption of collagen directly to the epidermis
Removes vellus hair without causing a stronger growth
Can be used before a chemical peel.


The hair will not grow back thicker and will remain vellus however if you have thicker hair on lip or chin it is advisable to keep waxing or threading in between treatments.

Clients of age 18 plus can have the treatment

Men can also benefit from the treatment but only where there is not a lot of thick coarse hair. We advise to shave 24 hours before. The dermaplane facial promotes collagen stimulation

It will give a smoother effect of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin will have a radiant glow.


Contra- indication
Reasons treatment may not be suitable
Diabetes-not controlled by diet or medication
Cancer-undergoing treatment
Blood thinners
High doses of aspirin
Active acne
Retain-A within 5 days
Chemical peel or laser treatment within 14 days



Skin may feel dry and tight this is normal. Please use extra moisturiser.

Do not use a sunbed sunbathe sauna or steam bath for 24 hours. Always use sun protection.

Avoid waxing bleaching (face ) for 5 days

Do not swim in chlorinated water for 3-5 days

No excessive exercise immediately after.

Make up can be applied, mineral is recommended although if you can wait 24 hours.

Drink plenty of water